Only one Danish for me, thanks. (OMA) Episode 5

June 21, 2017



7:10    Frank Ocean 'Blonde' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

16:10  'Wonder Woman' movie review 

20:30  'Bucket List' movie review

28:50  London Grammar 'Truth is Beautiful' album review

36:00  (perspective)

40:00  American obesity & over-comsumption an analysis

46:00  Chance The Rapper's Birthday good for you kid, good for you.

48:20  US downing Iranian/Syrian aircraft change the channel sh*t's getting real.

54:20  GO GREEN BY 2050 (corporate) Lit, Trendy, etc.


What if you’re not even real… (OMA) Episode 4

June 13, 2017


6:35    Moses Sumney 'Aromanticism' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

10:25  'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' movie review 

19:00  The internet bubble & real 'work' I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

30:10  Yan Gorshtenin from good for you kid, good for you.

31:00  Bob Moses 'Days Gone By' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

34:15  The Comey-Trump Testimony change the channel sh*t's getting real.

37:25  Paul Ryan is the WORST. change the channel sh*t's getting real.

45:20  Get a new poker face change the channel sh*t's getting real.

47:50  Los Angeles/Long Beach develop ECO friendly ports Lit, Trendy, etc. 


Plastic over Paris? (OMA) Episode 3

June 7, 2017

Max & Karl from OMA introduce the band Vulfpeck, talk about the Finale of the HBO original series The Leftovers, the new Brad Pitt movie War Machine on Netflix, how to be more environmentally concious around the house and solutions for consuming less harmful products, the effects of Trump backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and how Tesla will change commercial transportation in the years to come.


House of Trump Cards (OMA) Episode 2

May 31, 2017



3:35      "Personal Space" by On Planet musical EP

8:42      "House of Cards" on Netflix new season 5 review

15:15    "Sing" on iTunes analysis

22:25    "After Laughter" by Paramore new musical album

24:45    "6th Era of Extinction" the Holecene Extrinction call to action

29:30    "Say No To Straws" a call to action

37:00    "Kale is Kool" a challenge

44:48    "Corporate Brain Vs. Child's Brain" a comparison

49:00    "A Ball Of Fire" on the segment Lit, Trendy, Etc." an acknowledgment


Our Morning After (OMA) Episode 1

May 26, 2017

Our Morning After (OMA) is hosted by Max Philips & Karl Richter from Santa Monica, California. The two recap the week around the world in their podcast, bantering about a range of topics from their favorite new music and movies, to the latest White House scandal, then to whatever is still managing to push humanity and technology forward all while maintaining their sanity.

It's humorous, liberally opinionated (sometimes agressively) but relatable in its overall goal of bringing a wide variety of news topics and updates to you without a whole lot of nonsense in its delivery.