Big Waves

June 3, 2018

Max & Maddy deliver your factoids of the week courtes of, review the new "Ye" album from Kanye West and talk his latest controversies, review Chef's Table & Allie Wong's "Hard Knock Wife" standup special on Netflix, talk about societal pressure for young kids entering the workforce, highlight the wisdom of Alibaba CEO Jack Ma & Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and touch on Elon Musk's Boring Company supposedly getting recent approval on paper to begin contruction of the NYC - DC Hyperloop.


OCD, Anxiety etc.

June 3, 2018

Max & Maddy deliver the factoids of the week courtesy of, review the hiphop duo Moosh & Twist, the hit show "Barry" on HBO with Bill Hader & the autobiographical film "15:17 to Paris" on Netflix (based on the real terrorist attack on August 21st, 2015), discuss Kany West's recent appearance on TMZ and his controversial remarks about slavery, Ryan Reynolds opening up about anxiety and social pressure, and highlight the Headspace app for encouraging meditation, self love, and slowing down the mind.


Podcasts & Bentleys

April 30, 2018

Max, Maddy, Dani & Jay deliver the factoids of the week from, review the new beerbongs & bentleys album from Post Malone, talk the return of Westworld on HBO, Bridesmaids on Netflix, Kanye West coming out in support of Trump (again), women in film and entertainment, and Vampr, a cool new app allowing you to match yourself with fellow musicians using the Tinder formula.


Rubber Ducks at Sea

April 25, 2018

Max, Maddy, Dani, and Jay deliver your fun facts of the week, highlight the up and coming electronic music sounds of CVBZ, give a review of Lost in Space on Netflix, the classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High, talk about young mothers in the social spotlight, new cocoa plant initiatives in the Amazon Forrest, and new AR technology in social media and fashion.


Podcast for Our Lives

April 1, 2018

Max & Maddy give you the factoids of the week, discuss the down-low electronic artist "Two Feet", the new series "Barry" on HBO with Bill Hader, the academy award winning movie "Dallas Buyers Club" on Netflix with Matthew Mcconaughey, The "March For Our Lives" movement, New York councilman Rafael Espinal Jr.'s new outside-work contact bill, and autonomous/auto-pilot vehicles from Tesla and Uber.


Pink Lemonade & Champagne (feat. Dani Bailey)

March 20, 2018

Max Philips and Madeline Rose are joined by a new voice this week, Maddy's roomate and our friend Dani Bailey! The 3 kick off the champagne Sunday special podcast with the fun factoids of the week courtesy of per usual. James Bay is the musical spotlight this week, and they review and feature his poppin' new single "Pink Lemonade". They review movies and casts for "i, Tonya" and "Darkest Hour", two of the recent award winners at the Oscars. The group gives their dissapointed two cents on the poisoning of Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter and why we can't learn to deal with the truth when it comes out. Then, they pay a tribute to the recently deceased Professor Stephen Hawking and all of his accomplishments, and finally review the fun new app for wine connoisseurs called Vivino.


Podcast Paradox

February 25, 2018

Max and Maddy flood your brains with the factoids of the week, followed by a musical review of the rising star rapper Vince Staples and his new single "OPPS" feat. Yugen Blakrok from the 'Black Panther' blockbuster superhero movie currently in theaters. They breakdown the series they just 'Commnity' on Hulu starring Chevy Chase and Donald Glover, and discuss the wierd science behind 'The Cloverfield Paradox' available on Netflix. They blast the administration and politicians involved in the response to the kids standing up in the wake of the Parkland Florida mass shooting, then bring to light the charitable mission of the company Food Cowboy and its efforts to help solve the massive food wasting problem in the US. They wrap up by breaking down Google parent company Alphabet's smart city project in the waterfront industrial disctrict of Quayside in Toronto, organized by Sidewalk Labs.


Stick to the (God’s) Plan

February 19, 2018

Max & Maddy kick things off with the factiods of the week from They give a musical review of the hiphop/pop styles of SonReal. They finished up the series "Altered Carbon" on Netflix and give their final opinions on the chillingly futuristic thriller. They also wrapped up the hit comedy series "Workaholics" on Hulu, and they give their final summary of the hilarious show that ran 7 seasons. They talk about the devastation that occured due to the mass shooting in Parkland Florida. They give credit to hiphop/rap/pop star Drake for donating an entire million dollar music video budget to schools, charities and individuals in need. And finally talk about a new virtual reality social netowrk called Vtime that may reshape the way (and where) you and your friends interact in the future. On the surface of the moon?! Perhaps! check it out on the podcast.


Very Stormi Weather…

February 12, 2018

Max Philips and Madeline Rose co-host episode 4 of the Our Morning After podcast. They kick it off with some things you should know per usual, courtesy of They introduce Whethan, a relatively new DJ to the EDM scene who's already made enough noise to collaborate with music stars like Dua Lipa and have tracks featured in the "50 Shades of Grey" newest franchise installment. They review the chillingly futuristic series "Altered Carbon" available on Netflix, followed by an attempt to understand how Kylie Jenner and travis Scott named their child after the pornstar our current president had marital affairs with. They give their opinions on why and how the stock market crashed, Elon Musk and Space X launching the biggest and most cost effective rocket ever into space, and a new scooter and app called Bird that is reshaping public transportation in Los Angeles.


Vodka & OJ (feat. Madeline Rose)

February 4, 2018

Max Philips brings back the lovely Madeline Rose to co-host episode 3 of the OMA podcast. They kick it off with some facts you need to know for the week per usual. Then, they review the ever-so-talented Ashe, a young female musician with a b-e-a-utiful voice coming up in pop/electronic music and feature her hit single with Louis the Child, "Right to It". Max and Maddy roll into a review of the dark & epic thriller "Mind Hunters" on Netflix; a series gauranteed to send chills up your spine and mess with your mind. After that they discuss the anniversry of the women's march and movement, and how some iconic women (Kim Kardashian specifically) seem to be more counterproductive to the overall goal. They give credit to a women (joy Milne) who may have discovered a method to detecting Parkinson's disease at an early stage, and discover a new form of transportation from AIRBUS that might have you flying through the air around your own city sooner than you think.