Get woke, stay woke. w/ RACHEL ARAC! (OMA) Episode 15

October 7, 2017

Rachel Arac (@rachelarac on Instagram) joings Max & Karl as their first guest on the Podcast. Key themes of the episode are the emphasis on Hollyood inspired smoke & mirror tactics when relaying (or not relaying) information to the public from the highest levels of government, and the media manipulating and monetizing people's views on what "news" is.

Rachel also stuck around while we rattled off some (extremely) random facts from the internet.

Later on in the episode we shoutout and play some music from DJ's Big Wild & Marques Wyatt and give a short review of the remake of the movie IT.

Other topics include the opiod epidemic, problems with predictive crime technology, and tech shattering firesales.   



F*ck Your Burn Thundercats! (OMA) Episode 14

September 14, 2017



5:20    FAC your friends volume 6 new fun facts from 

13:30    6lack 'Free 6lack' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

17:55  'Rick & Morty' on adult swim show review

22:45  'Wells Fargo account inflation I drink because I'm sad I'm sad because I drink.

30:50  Karl's favorite deep house music from burning man (available on Soundcloud)

36:55  Brandy Smith saves a life during Hurricane Harvey good for you kid, good for you.

41:45  Karl talks "BURNING MAN" don't change the channel shit is about to burn. 

55:45  The FLAREGUN app & augmented social reality Lit, Trendy, etc.

58:10  Karl keeps talking "THE BURN"



The midnight tattoo. (OMA) Episode 13

August 16, 2017


2:35    FAC your friends volume 5 new fun facts from 

7:20    Macii 'Life Of The Party'  single & album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

12:00  'Atomic Blonde' starring Charlize Theron movie review

16:55  '11.22.63' starring James Franco series review

21:05  Hypocracy at the highest level I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

31:55  Cloud Cult 'The Seeker' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

37:20  Bruno Mars donates $1 MIL to Flint Michigan good for you kid, good for you.

42:15  White Supremecist Charlottesville Riots an analysis and accusation 

44:00  We fought a f*cking war against Nazis change the channel sh*t's getting real.

54:20  Shahik Shapira re-streets Twitter Lit, Trendy, etc.

57:40 Think more, people! concious tip of the week

59:00 Max eplains his new tattoo ....just as it sounds 


Desert Dynamite! (OMA) Episode 12

August 12, 2017


3:10    FAC your friends volume 4 new fun & historical facts 

10:40  Moon Boots 'First Landing' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

14:10  'Ghost in the Shell' movie review

20:35  'Detroit' movie review

27:05  Corporate food wasting I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

38:55  SonReal 'One Long Dream' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

44:20  'The Text Sculptor' Lawrence Weiner good for you kid, good for you.

48:00  WTF do we keep talking about N. Korea for... change the channel sh*t's getting real. 

51:50  Over-exposure of truth is counter-productive

58:00  Adopt-A-Nuke! proactive solution to reducing the nuclear arsenal

59:25  Mazda's 'Sustainable Zoom-Zoom by 2030' Lit, Trendy, etc.

1:10:00 Buy LED bulbs environmental tip of the week


Don’t flex too hard… (OMA) Episode 11

August 2, 2017


2:05    FAC your friends volume 3 new fun facts  

6:50    Stamp 'Stampsth' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

11:20  'Dunkirk' movie review

15:55  'Ballers' on HBO season 3 review

21:55  US court on dreadlocks

25:05  Sohn 'Rennen' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

30:10  Ron Finley AKA "Gangsta Gardener" shoutout

33:25  The deteriorating administration 

36:35  More military = more militant

37:37  Someone will always call the flex

44:05  Tesla begins fulfilling Tesla 3 orders Lit, Trendy, etc.

50:55 Buy bamboo toilet paper environmental tip of the week



How inconvenient. (OMA) Episode 10

July 26, 2017


3:30    FAC your friends new fun facts from 

8:30    Lana Del Rey 'Lust for Life' Album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

15:20  Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Sequel' documentary review

23:40  'La La Land' musical movie review

26:30  ACA VS AHCA & WHY? I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

30:50  Broken Social Scene "Hug of Thunder" Album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

35:05  Greg Crane mapping the history of influence good for you kid, good for you.

42:10  Democrats VS hardlines change the channel sh*t's getting real.

52:30  Biodegradable food storage containers environmental tip of the week


We love dragons <3 (OMA) Episode 9

July 19, 2017


3:37    FAC your friends volume 2 new fun facts  

6:50    Run the Jewels '3' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

11:15  'Game of Thrones - Dragonstone' on HBO S7 E1 premiere review

22:10  Necessity of single payer health care

31:00  Oh Wonder 'Ultralife' NEW* musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

33:15  Shoutout to Jaden Smith

39:50  Consumer conciousness and why it's important

45:10  Exploiting "organic" 

49:50  VR developers connecting families on lit, trendy, etc.


FAC your friends! (OMA) Episode 8

July 12, 2017


5:00    NEW SEGMENT * FAC your friends!  

6:57    JAY Z '4:44' NEW* musical album review (available on Tidal/iTunes)

15:22  'The Defiant Ones' on HBO episode 1 analysis

25:10  Excessive violence in our culture

34:45  @CallanOconor & @WeAreExes rising artist musical reviews (available on Spotify/iTunes)

42:05  Reuben Paul cyber hacking call-to-action

46:00  Trump meets Putin...opinion

52:55  John Gerrard 'Western Flag' Earth Day Art Installation



It’s pronounced A-M-E-R-I-C-A (OMA) Episode 7

July 5, 2017


6:10    ALT-J music review  

11:29  "Okja"movie on Netflix

17:26  "American Gods" series on Starz

20:45  Big bank automation overkill

30:10  Harry Styles music review 

39:40  Republican slash medicaid by billions

43:50  Corporate monster manorisms

44:20  The terror of medical bills 

49:00  Spend for others

53:00  Scalable business ethics

54:00  Volvo pledges to electrify 



DAMN. (OMA) Episode 6

June 29, 2017


6:35  Sigrid music review  

10:25  Sampha's "Process" visual album

15:35 "You Get Me" movie on Netflix

23:15 Hypersensitivity online

28:04 (accidentally distracted by President Dump)

34:20 Hypersensitivity online (resumed) 

39:00 Kendrick Lamar music review

44:15 Jerry Lorenzo Tribute 

48:50 Trump tampers w/ witness 

58:45 Pandas not endangered