The midnight tattoo. (OMA) Episode 13

August 16, 2017


2:35    FAC your friends volume 5 new fun facts from 

7:20    Macii 'Life Of The Party'  single & album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

12:00  'Atomic Blonde' starring Charlize Theron movie review

16:55  '11.22.63' starring James Franco series review

21:05  Hypocracy at the highest level I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

31:55  Cloud Cult 'The Seeker' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

37:20  Bruno Mars donates $1 MIL to Flint Michigan good for you kid, good for you.

42:15  White Supremecist Charlottesville Riots an analysis and accusation 

44:00  We fought a f*cking war against Nazis change the channel sh*t's getting real.

54:20  Shahik Shapira re-streets Twitter Lit, Trendy, etc.

57:40 Think more, people! concious tip of the week

59:00 Max eplains his new tattoo ....just as it sounds 


Desert Dynamite! (OMA) Episode 12

August 12, 2017


3:10    FAC your friends volume 4 new fun & historical facts 

10:40  Moon Boots 'First Landing' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

14:10  'Ghost in the Shell' movie review

20:35  'Detroit' movie review

27:05  Corporate food wasting I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

38:55  SonReal 'One Long Dream' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

44:20  'The Text Sculptor' Lawrence Weiner good for you kid, good for you.

48:00  WTF do we keep talking about N. Korea for... change the channel sh*t's getting real. 

51:50  Over-exposure of truth is counter-productive

58:00  Adopt-A-Nuke! proactive solution to reducing the nuclear arsenal

59:25  Mazda's 'Sustainable Zoom-Zoom by 2030' Lit, Trendy, etc.

1:10:00 Buy LED bulbs environmental tip of the week


Don’t flex too hard… (OMA) Episode 11

August 2, 2017


2:05    FAC your friends volume 3 new fun facts  

6:50    Stamp 'Stampsth' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

11:20  'Dunkirk' movie review

15:55  'Ballers' on HBO season 3 review

21:55  US court on dreadlocks

25:05  Sohn 'Rennen' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

30:10  Ron Finley AKA "Gangsta Gardener" shoutout

33:25  The deteriorating administration 

36:35  More military = more militant

37:37  Someone will always call the flex

44:05  Tesla begins fulfilling Tesla 3 orders Lit, Trendy, etc.

50:55 Buy bamboo toilet paper environmental tip of the week



How inconvenient. (OMA) Episode 10

July 26, 2017


3:30    FAC your friends new fun facts from 

8:30    Lana Del Rey 'Lust for Life' Album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

15:20  Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Sequel' documentary review

23:40  'La La Land' musical movie review

26:30  ACA VS AHCA & WHY? I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

30:50  Broken Social Scene "Hug of Thunder" Album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

35:05  Greg Crane mapping the history of influence good for you kid, good for you.

42:10  Democrats VS hardlines change the channel sh*t's getting real.

52:30  Biodegradable food storage containers environmental tip of the week


We love dragons <3 (OMA) Episode 9

July 19, 2017


3:37    FAC your friends volume 2 new fun facts  

6:50    Run the Jewels '3' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

11:15  'Game of Thrones - Dragonstone' on HBO S7 E1 premiere review

22:10  Necessity of single payer health care

31:00  Oh Wonder 'Ultralife' NEW* musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

33:15  Shoutout to Jaden Smith

39:50  Consumer conciousness and why it's important

45:10  Exploiting "organic" 

49:50  VR developers connecting families on lit, trendy, etc.


FAC your friends! (OMA) Episode 8

July 12, 2017


5:00    NEW SEGMENT * FAC your friends!  

6:57    JAY Z '4:44' NEW* musical album review (available on Tidal/iTunes)

15:22  'The Defiant Ones' on HBO episode 1 analysis

25:10  Excessive violence in our culture

34:45  @CallanOconor & @WeAreExes rising artist musical reviews (available on Spotify/iTunes)

42:05  Reuben Paul cyber hacking call-to-action

46:00  Trump meets Putin...opinion

52:55  John Gerrard 'Western Flag' Earth Day Art Installation



It’s pronounced A-M-E-R-I-C-A (OMA) Episode 7

July 5, 2017


6:10    ALT-J music review  

11:29  "Okja"movie on Netflix

17:26  "American Gods" series on Starz

20:45  Big bank automation overkill

30:10  Harry Styles music review 

39:40  Republican slash medicaid by billions

43:50  Corporate monster manorisms

44:20  The terror of medical bills 

49:00  Spend for others

53:00  Scalable business ethics

54:00  Volvo pledges to electrify 



DAMN. (OMA) Episode 6

June 29, 2017


6:35  Sigrid music review  

10:25  Sampha's "Process" visual album

15:35 "You Get Me" movie on Netflix

23:15 Hypersensitivity online

28:04 (accidentally distracted by President Dump)

34:20 Hypersensitivity online (resumed) 

39:00 Kendrick Lamar music review

44:15 Jerry Lorenzo Tribute 

48:50 Trump tampers w/ witness 

58:45 Pandas not endangered 



Only one Danish for me, thanks. (OMA) Episode 5

June 21, 2017



7:10    Frank Ocean 'Blonde' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

16:10  'Wonder Woman' movie review 

20:30  'Bucket List' movie review

28:50  London Grammar 'Truth is Beautiful' album review

36:00  (perspective)

40:00  American obesity & over-comsumption an analysis

46:00  Chance The Rapper's Birthday good for you kid, good for you.

48:20  US downing Iranian/Syrian aircraft change the channel sh*t's getting real.

54:20  GO GREEN BY 2050 (corporate) Lit, Trendy, etc.


What if you’re not even real… (OMA) Episode 4

June 13, 2017


6:35    Moses Sumney 'Aromanticism' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

10:25  'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' movie review 

19:00  The internet bubble & real 'work' I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad because I drink.

30:10  Yan Gorshtenin from good for you kid, good for you.

31:00  Bob Moses 'Days Gone By' album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

34:15  The Comey-Trump Testimony change the channel sh*t's getting real.

37:25  Paul Ryan is the WORST. change the channel sh*t's getting real.

45:20  Get a new poker face change the channel sh*t's getting real.

47:50  Los Angeles/Long Beach develop ECO friendly ports Lit, Trendy, etc.