Don’t flex too hard… (OMA) Episode 11

August 2, 2017


2:05    FAC your friends volume 3 new fun facts  

6:50    Stamp 'Stampsth' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

11:20  'Dunkirk' movie review

15:55  'Ballers' on HBO season 3 review

21:55  US court on dreadlocks

25:05  Sohn 'Rennen' musical album review (available on Spotify/iTunes)

30:10  Ron Finley AKA "Gangsta Gardener" shoutout

33:25  The deteriorating administration 

36:35  More military = more militant

37:37  Someone will always call the flex

44:05  Tesla begins fulfilling Tesla 3 orders Lit, Trendy, etc.

50:55 Buy bamboo toilet paper environmental tip of the week



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